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What are the muscles used to frown

When you look at someone what catches your eye? That’s the face of the person you look at first. All the expressions come on face whether you are happy, sad or angry. It is the face one looks cute and suddenly wicked.

You laugh, you giggle or you toggle, face is the emblem of all the emotions what you are feeling inside. Outside the bone structure are the muscles that has covered the face and those muscles are used when you smile or frown. It has been a great argument between the muscle counts.

 Either smile uses more muscles or when a person frowns?

Researchers and people who study anatomy have long discussions and researches on this debate on muscles used by frown or smile. Definitely when a person gives expressions, face is the mirror that vividly shows the movement of eye brows, eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, chin and even teeth. There is a tough competition between a smile and frown who uses more muscles will be a winner. This article will explain the anatomy of face and muscles with respect to muscles.

Muscles and their usage:
It is a belief or mythology you can say that frown is the expression that uses more muscles than the smile, where both the expressions have little different between each other. We are no more dependent on mythologies or superstitions; the era of today is factual and analytical. A wide range of muscles have been used in both the facial expressions whether it is frown or a smile. It is estimated that 12 facial muscles have been used while smiling including upper lip, lower lip, corners of the mouth, eyelids etc. Similarly when a person smiles he or she will be using almost the same number of muscles may be 1 less or more.

Let’s explore more and dig out the anatomy of the face:
One of the famous plastic surgeons of University of Chicago Medical Center has researched and explained that there are 11 facial muscles that are used when a person frowns and when a person smile 12 facial muscles joins to make a person smile. Every individual isn’t the same. People have different way of smile and frown. It all depends upon the person’s personality, emotional control, demography. But the general muscle count is here:

Biological Names of the Facial Muscles:
Few of the facial muscles have been used in smile and frown both like Orbicularis Oculi used in
Smile and frown they cause eyes to ruffle. These are two muscles that are used. The muscles that are used in smile total 6 in numbers but as they function in pair so the total count is 12.
Zygomaticus Major and Minor used in smile these muscles pull up the corners of your mouth, Levator Labii Superioris raises the sides of the lip and nose, Levator Anguli Oris helps to raise the angle of mouth, Risorius lifts the corners of mouth from sides.

The few muscles that are used in frown definitely they are very difficult to pronounce even.
The Platysma helps in pulling down the lip and wrinkles lower skin that gives an expression, Corrugator Supercilii and procerus, groove the brow that shows the eye to give an expression, Orbicularis oris, closes the mouth and crease lip as it is the major loop to the expression in the face, Mentalis, wrinkles of chin which enhances the expressive look of the face and last but not the least is, Depressor Anguli Oris,  pulls corner of mouth down that shows the significance of the emotion that is expressed by the face.

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